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Do you really understand your local industries? Chmura has software, consulting, and data to help economic developers attract and retain businesses.

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Become a Development Hero

1. Attract and retain businesses

2. Measure your local talent pool

3. Grow key industries

4. Leverage block-level data for the region that matters to you

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JobsEQ software

JobsEQ for Economic Development

A software tool that puts the local demographic, industry, occupation, and employment data you need in your hands.

  • Amazing customer support & free training 
  • Powerful analytics 
  • Real-time data


Our consultants can measure the impact of COVID-19 on your region, analyze your local industries and workforce, and develop strategies to grow your region.

  • PhD economists and data scientists
  • A report you’re proud to share with stakeholders
  • 20+ years experience


Link our data directly to your website or internal tool via a data export or API.

  • Create real-time job boards on your website
  • Data you can trust
  • Seamless integration

How much is low-quality data on your region costing you?

You deserve labor data you can trust.

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We Get It: Economic Development is Hard

As an economic developer, you want to grow your region’s economy. That means attracting and retaining businesses, focusing on key industries, and communicating your workforce’s talent to government and private partners. To do all that, you need timely data on your local labor market.

The problem is that labor market data is complex, which makes you feel overwhelmed. We believe that you shouldn’t need a PhD in economics to understand your local economy. We also understand that COVID-19 makes it even harder for economic developers to do their jobs. Our PhD economists, data scientists, and strategic planners want to help you grow your community. Schedule a call, buy, and win.

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Economic Development Resources

JobsEQ by Chmura Texas Roundtable
What’s going on in Texas? If you’ve kept your ears to the ground, you’ve heard about the recent spike of economic growth in Texas. In this webinar, our panel will help you understand this economic growth, and how you can use JobsEQ to capitalize on it.
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case study
How JobsEQ has Helped Baldwin County EDA Nurture 21% Job Growth in Transportation/Warehousing Since 2015
The Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance was looking to diversify their counties economy and support purposeful job growth. With the help of JobsEQ data they were able to break ground on a multitude of new projects, including a new ALDI distribution center and a career-tech focused high school.
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The Greening of the Economy: The Future of Green Jobs
Happy Earth Day! In this webinar, we'll discuss the future of environmentally friendly, or "green" occupations. We'll cover how we determine which occupations are "green", the impact of the Biden Administration, and which green jobs and are forecast to growth the most in the future.
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