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Are your wages competitive? Chmura’s national job postings, resume, and labor market data can help you hire the right people.

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Become a Staffing Genius

1. Compare wages and staffing patterns across multiple locations

2. Understand local labor availability

3. Quantify the value of specific skills and certifications

4. Ensure your business expansion is a success

Choose Your Solution:

JobsEQ Software

JobsEQ Pro

A software tool that helps staffers and recruiters compare labor availability and wages across locations.

  • Amazing customer support & free training 
  • Powerful analytics 
  • Real-time job postings and resume data


Our consultants can analyze labor availability, local economic trends, and the economic impact of your business expansion.

  • PhD economists and data scientists
  • A report you’re proud to share with stakeholders
  • 20+ years experience


Link our data directly to your website or internal tool via a data export or API. 

  • All your data in the same place
  • Data you can trust 
  • Seamless integration

Are you losing out on great hires?

Make sure your salaries are competitive with Chmura’s labor market data and analysis.

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We Know Talent Acquisition Isn’t for Amateurs

Gone are the days when hiring was just a matter of trusting your gut. At Chmura, we know you want to choose the best people for the job. But in order to be that way, you need data on wages, skills, and labor availability, so you know you’re offering competitive salaries or moving to the right location.

The problem is that the labor market changes quickly, which makes you feel like you’re falling behind. We believe that you deserve timely labor market information. We also understand data can feel overwhelming. 

Chmura has the data and analysis to help you choose dynamite employees. Schedule a call today.

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We know economic data can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to.

We offer free webinars so you can learn all you need to know!

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