Connect workers to regional opportunities with workforce development software

JobsEQ strategic workforce planning software helps you bridge the gap between potential workers and high-value, high-demand jobs by combining traditional labor market data with real-time job posting data.

Solve gaps in the local labor market

Foster a healthy regional labor market with workforce development software by connecting job seekers and employers, and help both fulfill high-demand, high-wage jobs in your region.

JobsEQ workforce intelligence software can help your region understand which occupations are forecasted to be in demand, so you can make decisions with confidence around developing training programs to address workforce skill gaps or prioritizing

Transform your region with workforce planning software

With insights from the JobsEQ workforce development software platform, you’ll be able to establish dynamic, multi-faceted workforce development programming.

Make sustainable decisions and create an adaptable regional labor market with real-time data from the JobsEQ workforce intelligence software.

Get valuable workforce development insights with JobsEQ


Forecast job demand

Track changes in the labor market in real time, identify which occupations are most common, and see which jobs are forecasted to be in demand.


Identify skill gaps

Find out which occupations will provide the most opportunity for your workforce, and determine which credentials & skills workers will need.


Inform grant applications

Back your workforce plans and grant applications with forecasting from data that’s always accurate and accessible.

Loved by customers

JobsEQ provides tremendous power and flexibility in analyzing economic, labor and demographic data. It's the best user-support service I have ever encountered.

JobsEQ made an hour-long job into a 7 minute job; we specifically use it for employment, unemployment, and wages by occupation data for our metro.

JobsEQ is valuable enough to be considered another employee.

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