Drive student success with JobsEQ job market insights

JobsEQ provides labor market analytics for educators in academic planning, strategic development, career services, and more. Get up-to-date, reliable labor market analytics and contribute to planning and programming for student success.


The labor market research software for students and academic institutions

With JobsEQ data, you’ll be able to to align your curriculum with the labor needs of your region based on the credentials and skills graduating students will need in each field. You’ll also be able to describe the benefits of your school on the economy, forecast how your region is expected to expand, and pull reports that instantly fulfill your Perkins V Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment.

Get actionable insights into job market trends

JobsEQ empowers organizations to quickly gain insights into market trends to plan for the future, pull resume data to see how your alumni are doing, collect the demographic and awards information you need for grant writing, connect your students with real opportunities based on their skills, and more.


Get valuable labor market insights with JobsEQ


Assess job demand

Identify occupations
with potential demand 
 gaps in your region


Get real-time data

Find employers, the job requirements listed in their ads, and more, powered by millions of job postings


Find credentials & skills

Find out which occupations are forecasted to be in demand, and determine which credentials & skills your students will need.


Identify award gaps

Determine the surplus or shortage of certificates & degrees conferred based on occupation demand

Get more with Career Concourse

Career Concourse, a job market research tool, allows students and job seekers to find jobs that match their skills and interests — and allows them to connect directly with potential employers by linking the real-time job postings within the widget.


Loved by customers

JobsEQ provides tremendous power and flexibility in analyzing economic, labor and demographic data. It's the best user-support service I have ever encountered.

JobsEQ made an hour-long job into a 7 minute job; we specifically use it for employment, unemployment, and wages by occupation data for our metro.

JobsEQ is valuable enough to be considered another employee.

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