Light the way to student success with Career Concourse

Empower students to research future career  
outlooks and connect them to the academic program that can get them there  
— all with Career Concourse by Chmura.


Orientation starts now with Chmura's job market research tool

From the program track: Get a closer look at hundreds of academic programs, explore future career outlooks, and research wages, job titles, required skills, and more.

From the career track: Discover which academic programs are most likely to equip your students with the knowledge and skills needed to break into the career field they want.


Build resumes and apply in-platform with Career Concourse

Quickly build and save professional, ready-to-use resumes with Resume Builder. Easily input key skills requested from job listings and mark them for inclusion.

Plus, Career Concourse is powered by Chmura’s Real Time Intelligence, which enables students to click into active job listings to quickly apply with their saved resumes. 


The Career Concourse advantage

Highlight priority programs

Highlight priority programs

Feature emerging career paths or priority programs unique to your institution to help students understand career expectations and possibilities. 

Assess students' skills and interests

Assess students' skills and interests

Guide students to careers aligned with their interests, values, and the ever-evolving demands of the job market.  

Enhance your web presence

Enhance your web presence

Create tailored widgets embedded directly on your webpage that showcase vital labor market insights like annual job demand, average wage, and number of postings in the last 30 days.  


Drive recruitment and enrollment

Track student usage to gain insights into your most sought-after programs to allocate resources effectively market and drive enrollment in key areas. 

Career Concourse webinar

Career Concourse: Light the way to student success

Watch this webinar to learn about the future of work and hear Dr. Chris Chmura discuss how educators can navigate the evolving labor market landscape.

Dr. Chmura will provide expert analysis on the current labor market and forecast its trajectory in light of advancing AI technology.

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