Get granular insights with Chmura’s site selection software

JobsEQ simplifies site selection analysis with insights from traditional labor market data and real-time job posting data, so you can make informed decisions for your organization.


Drive growth with reliable real estate site selection software

JobsEQ makes site selection analysis simple, with granular block-level data that is updated daily. Determine the economic impact of expansion to a region, measure the availability of talent in a region at the occupation level, see which competitors are already hiring in the region, and get demographic and diversity data for shortlisted sites.

Get valuable site selection insights with JobsEQ

Degrees & certifications

Identify the number of graduates with certificates and degrees linked to the occupations that matter to your client.

What-if analytics

Estimate the number of candidates per opening at the occupation level customized to the size and industry of your client’s project in a region.

Custom region data

Identify commuting patterns for regions, and understand the talent pool within a given drive-time around potential sites.

The difference in Chmura's site selection data



JobsEQ by Chmura aggregates data from leading sources and updates nightly, so your data is always accurate.



JobsEQ pulls job postings from over 45,000 sources and provides data down to the zip code and block level.



Chmura’s Ph.D. and Blue Chip economists are nationally recognized and have been trusted for 25 years.



JobsEQ provides insights, forecasting, and estimates you can confidently work with.

Loved by customers

JobsEQ provides tremendous power and flexibility in analyzing economic, labor and demographic data. It's the best user-support service I have ever encountered.

JobsEQ made an hour-long job into a 7 minute job; we specifically use it for employment, unemployment, and wages by occupation data for our metro.

JobsEQ is valuable enough to be considered another employee.

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