Labor market information can feel confusing. But it doesn’t have to.

Never feel overwhelmed by data again.

We designed JobsEQ to be user-friendly, so you can easily understand information on demographics, industry, occupations, and job postings. Plus, JobsEQ’s free training and live chat team will ensure that you always have the help you need to understand and use the data.

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We’ll Make You a Data Master

Your investment in JobsEQ will save you research time, and that means saving you money.  

If you already get data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics or your state, that’s a great first step. But how much time are you wasting when you try to cobble together data from different sources?

JobsEQ has the labor market data you need, down to the block level, all in one place. JobsEQ will save you time and increase the quality of your research.