Labor Market Analysis for Education

Are you training your students for in-demand jobs? Well-paying jobs? Chmura has tools for educators in universities, career and technical education, and secondary schools.

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Help Students Succeed

1. Align programs to your community’s needs

2. Guide students to the right careers

3. Market the value of your institution and programs

4. Easily fulfill Perkins V or apply for grants

Choose Your Solution:

JobsEQ software

JobsEQ for Education

A software tool that tells you what skills, certifications, and occupations will be high-wage and in-demand in the coming years.

  • Amazing customer support & free training 
  • Powerful analytics 
  • Real-time data on employers and hiring


Our consultants can analyze your school’s positive impact on your community, help you align programs to demand, and fulfill your Perkins V comprehensive local needs assessment.

  • PhD economists and data scientists
  • A report you’re proud to share with local partners
  • 20+ years experience

Career Concourse

A user-friendly software tool that helps your students find jobs that match their skills and interests.

  • Accessible

  • Links job students to real-time occupations and job postings in your region 

  • Gives access to Career Counselors

Be the difference in a student’s life.

Use timely, high-quality labor market data to guide students to successful careers.

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Your Students Deserve the Best Data

At Chmura, we know you want to be the kind of educators that students trust to guide them to successful careers. In order to earn their trust, you need to be informed on what jobs are in-demand in your region. That means you need high-quality labor market data on wages, skills, certifications, and employers.

The problem is that labor market data is complex, which makes you feel overwhelmed. We believe that you shouldn’t need a PhD in economics to understand your local labor market. We also understand that COVID-19 makes it even harder to know what your students need, or what jobs will still be there in the future.

Our PhD economists, data scientists, and strategic planners want to help you help your students. Schedule a call, buy, and win.

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