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We are data nerds with entrepreneurial spirits. At Chmura, you will have the opportunity to work on a nimble team and serve as a “guide” to someone—whether it’s a client or someone else on Chmura’s team.

Join us if you’re interested in economics, technology, and customer service! We offer a comprehensive compensation and benefits package in a casual work environment. Chmura is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For questions or concerns regarding open roles at Chmura, please email 

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Data Engineer

This role will implement and optimize data solutions for a wide variety of complex big data sets, and troubleshoot data issues to effectively triage timely solutions. Two years experience required.


Sr. Front-End Developer

You will play a vital role in creating and implementing user interfaces using Angular. You will work with dynamic server-side APIs, write JavaScript and TypeScript code, and debug across multiple browsers.


Client Relationship Manager

You will constantly identify opportunities to grow the client base and build positive relationships with new and existing clients.


Data Analyst

In this role, you will work with support the delivery of trusted data to our clients in an environment of excellent customer service to both our internal and external clients.



Public Relations & Communications Manager

 This PR and Communications Manager role is an opportunity to make an outsized impact generating engaging content across social, web, and earned media.


SQL Developer

In this role, you will work with the data team to deliver work, implement improvements, and enable new capabilities.

Our Business Values

  • Integrity for all colleagues and clients
  • Honesty in all our professional relationships
  • Leadership within the sphere of influence of Chmura
  • Sound business practices supporting a stable business environment
  • Engagement with customers to create lasting business relationships
  • Communication that informs, educates, instructs, and is open in structure
  • Employee satisfaction stemming from fairness and providing an environment stimulating motivation and loyalty

Free Resources

The Fate of Remote Work
The terms “remote” and “hybrid” work are often used interchangeably. However, the two should not be confused, especially when trying to establish whether the movement toward remote work, which took off at the onset of the COVID pandemic, is here to stay. Remote work involves complete off-site work, often from home, while hybrid work combines both in-office and offsite work, offering a flexible arrangement that includes some days in the physical workplace and others working remotely. This difference has implications for the definition of the employment labor shed. Remote workers are not bound to live in proximity to the workplace, expanding the talent pool for an organization. This has led to several financial initiatives aimed at attracting remote workers into a region to boost local economies. Workers on a hybrid schedule may be able to relocate a bit farther away from the workplace, but they are still geographically limited to locating within a commuting area.
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Housing as a Vehicle for Economic Development
In this webinar, Dr. Chmura provided a brief overview of the housing market at the national level, detailed a recent study commissioned by Virginia Housing summarizing the importance of housing in economic development, and described a methodology to estimate additional demand for housing needed for business expansion at the local level. Then, McGuireWoods Sr. VP & Director of Infrastructure and Economic Development Chris Lloyd described housing as a vehicle for economic development and detailed the benefits of recent policy changes that aim to remove obstacles to housing.
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Valentine's Day-ta: Spending Could Support $34.7 Billion in Local Economic Impacts
Faced with continued inflation, Valentine’s Day spending is expected to reach $25.8 billion in 2024, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual Valentine’s Day Spending Survey. That represents a nominal decline from $25.9 billion in 2023, and a changing of priorities. While previous years have seen an expansion in gifts for pets, friends, and co-workers, consumers are expected to prioritize significant others this year to the tune of $14.2 billion (up from $13.5 billion a year ago)
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