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Chmura provides labor market software, consulting, and data, so you can make informed decisions that grow your community. Our PhD economists, data scientists, and strategic planners are your guide to your local labor market. 

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Our Mission

We empower and grow economies by guiding our clients with thorough, accurate, and useful data and analysis.

What Makes Chmura Different?


Obsessed With Quality and Transparency

We set our standards high so you can be confident in your decisions.

Amazing Customer Support

Our JobsEQ live chat connects you with an economist in an average of 47 seconds.

Analysis Backed by PhDs

Our software, data, and consulting are all backed by economic experts.

Always Improving

We listen to our clients to make our solutions even more useful for you. We believe data has the power to drive positive change.

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How It Works


Schedule a Call.

We’ll show you how Chmura’s software, consulting, and data can help your organization meet its goals.



With our timely and accurate data, you’ll feel confident you’ve made the best choice for your organization.


Help More People.

Chmura’s data and analysis will help you attract businesses, re-skill workers, prepare students for jobs, and more.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted provider of economic data and analysis.

Free Chmura Resources

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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Why Educators Need to Engage in Workforce and Economic Development
Click to register now! Helping students succeed is only part of the picture. In this webinar, Mark Hays will give practical tips on how educators can engage their local workforce and EDOs.
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COVID-19 and Job Ads: How to Measure the Recovery?
Why does the RTI State Recovery Model show such a large gap between current job ad volume and expected volume while JobsEQ RTI raw job ads data shows current volume is much closer to the volume from the prior year?
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Economic Impact of the Biden Administration & COVID-19 Update
How will the Biden Administration impact the US national economy? What industries are projected to expand, and which will contract? And when will we reach herd immunity in the United States?
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Learn More About the Chmura Team

Meet all of the PhD economists, statisticians, data scientists, mathematicians, and strategists who are the brains behind JobsEQ and our consulting services, delivering the most accurate, trustworthy labor market data and analysis.

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