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Where’s the best site for a new warehouse? What will payroll costs look like in two different cities? JobsEQ Pro has all the labor market data you need, down to the block-level.

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JobsEQ gives you custom block-level regions

Analysis Down to the Census Block

1. Create custom block-level regions

2. Easily compare multiple sites with LaborEQ

3. All the data and analytics in the other JobsEQ software…combined

4. Free training and amazing customer support

Are you confident about your data quality?

Don’t compromise. Choose JobsEQ.

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JobsEQ Pro Features

block level data
Custom Block-level Regions

Increase the precision of your research. Perform drive-time analyses down to the census block level.

computer screen displaying resume data

Easily compare the talent pool around multiple sites with LaborEQ, our site selection analytic.

demographic data
International Data

Extend your analysis beyond the USA. Get demographics, industry, and occupation wages data for Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

talent and location data
Job & Talent Locator

Compare the wages, cost of living, and commute time for an occupation across cities. Perfect for staffing companies.

all reports
All Reports

Easily pull beautiful reports on industries, occupations, economic overviews, and more.

chart with a forecast going up
All Tools

Includes all analytics in the other JobsEQ tools.


Add more data to make your JobsEQ subscription even more powerful.

RTI Job Postings

Keep up with the daily changes in the local economy with our Real-Time Intelligence job postings data. Updates nightly.

resume data displayed on a computer
Resume Forensics

Add data from millions of online resumes to discover your workforce’s skills.

lists and reports
Employer Database

Download lists of local employers and their contact information so you can put your strategic plans into action.

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