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Match Job Seekers to Real-Time Jobs

Struggling to match a student or client to a job? Career Concourse is a software tool that helps people find jobs that match their skills and interests. It also links job seekers to real-time job postings in your region.

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Career Concourse by Chmura
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Help Someone Kick-Start Their Career

1. Puts the power in the job seeker’s hands

2. Find jobs based on interest, degrees, or military experience

3. Links to active job ads

Career counseling is hard.

Career Concourse makes it easier.

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How It Works


1. Schedule a Demo.

We’ll show you how Career Concourse can easily link people to work.

2. Give Your Students or Client Access.

Put the power in your student’s hands when you give them access to Career Concourse.

3. Get Customer Support.

We are your guide to understanding your local labor market and jobs.

4. Connect People to Jobs.

Imagine giving your students access to a beautiful, easy-to-use software tool that links them to job ads in seconds.

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