Labor Market Software for Economic Development

Do you really understand your local industries? JobsEQ for Economic Development is a software tool that puts the local demographic, industry, occupation, and employment data you need in your hands.

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Labor Market Software for Economic Development
JobsEQ For Economic Development

Get Timely Data On…

1. Your top local industries

2. Which local businesses employ the most people

3. Your local talent pool’s skills, occupations, and demographics

4. Real-time data on who’s hiring

We get it: economic development is hard.

Arm yourself with high-quality and user-friendly software.

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JobsEQ for Economic Development Features


 Define the jobs in demand in your region.

Talent Pool

 Describe the talent pool in your market.


Identify the industries we should prioritize developing.


   Compare your region to others.


 Quantify impacts of an expansion or contraction.


Understand how your region is expected to expand.


Add more data to make your JobsEQ subscription even more powerful.

RTI Job Postings

Keep up with the daily changes in the local economy with our Real-Time Intelligence job postings data. Updates nightly.

Resume Forensics

Add data from millions of online resumes to discover your workforce’s skills.

Employer Database

Download lists of local employers and their contact information so you can put your strategic plans into action.

Consider JobsEQ Pro

buildings and business attraction

JobsEQ for Economic Development

  • All the analytics you need for business attraction, expansion, and retention.
JobsEQ software

JobsEQ Pro

  • All analytics in JobsEQ for Economic Development, JobsEQ for Workforce, and JobsEQ for Education, plus more.
  • Create custom block-level regions
  • LaborEQ for site selection analysis
  • International Data

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