Labor Data for Talent Acquisition & Human Resources

Are your wages competitive? Chmura’s national job postings, resume, and labor market data can help you analyze the highly competitive market for talent and hire the right people.

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JobsEQ Software

JobsEQ Pro

A software tool that helps human resources professionals and recruiters compare labor availability and wages across locations.

  • Amazing customer support & free training 
  • Powerful analytics 
  • Real-time job postings and resume data


Link our data directly to your internal tools via a data export or API. 

  • All your data in the same place
  • Data you can trust 



Talent Watch

Leverages the power of Real Time Intelligence Job Postings data to provide insights into what the talent landscape looks like in real time.

  • Compare job postings grouped by companies.
  • Uncover new and emerging trends for job titles, skills, occupations, companies, and regions.

Are you finding the right talent?

Make sure your talent fits your needs with Chmura’s labor software and data.

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Become a Talent Acquisition Genius

1. View the availability of talent in a region or multiple regions 

2. Research and compare wages 

3. Collect baseline diversity data 

4. Research competition hiring trends 

We Know Finding Talent Isn’t for Amateurs

Gone are the days when hiring was just a matter of trusting your gut. At Chmura, we know you want to choose the best people for the job. But in order to reach your goals, you need data on the availability of talent, diversity, and wages.

The problem is that the labor market changes quickly, which makes you feel like you’re falling behind. We believe that you deserve timely labor market information. We also understand data can feel overwhelming. 

Chmura has the software, data and analysis to help you find the right talent to keep you competitive. Schedule a call today.

We know economic data can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to.

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