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Do you really understand your local workforce? JobsEQ for Workforce is a software tool that provides timely data on your local workforce and employers—including demographics, occupations, wages, certifications, and more.

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Get People Back to Work

1. Target high-wage, high-demand jobs in your region 

2. Connect job seekers and employers with job postings data 

3. Develop training programs to address workforce skills gaps

4. Use timely data to inform your workforce plans and grants

Are ineffective workforce programs costing you?

Build programs based on timely and accurate data.

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JobsEQ for Workforce Features


Find job demand for your workers.

Credentials & Skills

Research credentials and skills your workers need.


Get wages data for jobs in your region.


Define the vulnerable workers in your market.


Identify the occupations you should prioritize developing.


 Forecast how your region is expected to expand.


Add more data to make your JobsEQ subscription even more powerful.

RTI Job Postings

Keep up with the daily changes in the local economy with our Real-Time Intelligence job postings data. Updates nightly.

Resume Forensics

Add data from millions of online resumes to discover your workforce’s skills.

Employer Database

Download lists of local employers and their contact information so you can put your strategic plans into action.

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JobsEQ for Workforce

  • All the analytics you need get people back to work.
JobsEQ software

JobsEQ Pro

  • All analytics in JobsEQ for Education, JobsEQ for Workforce, and JobsEQ for Economic Development, plus more.
  • Create custom block-level regions
  • LaborEQ for site selection analysis
  • International Data

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The Fate of Remote Work: Trends in the Face of Economic Uncertainty
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