WIOA: Data-driven Directions

Posted on April 22, 2016 by Leslie Peterson

Now that the states' WIOA plans are completed, local Workforce Development Areas' key staff are in the throes of developing their local strategic plans. As we heard while attending the NAWB Forum 2016 conference, local areas need actionable labor market data and information. To this end, Chmura is working with several WDAs to provide labor data through our technology platform, JobsEQ. With JobsEQ, you have the data you need, when you need it. Investment outcomes are more manageable and predictable with reliable labor force data.

There are 19,703,061 residents in the nation that are living with some sort of disability according to the latest data available. This is about 10% of the population. An example of how this impacts local regions can be seen in the Southern Ohio nonmetropolitan area, which has 17% of its population living with disabilities compared to 11.6% for the State of Ohio.

Southern Ohio Non-Metro Area, Demographics: Disabled Age 18-64 Southern Ohio Non-Metro Area, Demographics: Disabled Age 18-64
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