Career Concourse by Chmura Economics & Analytics Lights the Way to Student Success

RICHMOND, VA – June 4, 2024 – Chmura Economics & Analytics is excited to announce the launch of the newly updated Career Concourse, an innovative tool designed to help students navigate future career paths and connect with academic programs tailored to their goals.

Career Concourse helps students by giving them a clear picture of potential career paths based on their interests, the compensation in those fields, and the specific degrees those jobs require. By leveraging Chmura’s Real Time Intelligence, Career Concourse takes the guess work out of calculating the potential ROI of education and empowers students to make informed decisions about their futures. With access to comprehensive data on job demand, average wages, and emerging trends, students can align their academic pursuits with the evolving needs of the job market.

"We are thrilled to introduce the new features of Career Concourse," said Dr. Chris Chmura, CEO of Chmura Economics & Analytics. "These updates will be a game-changer for colleges, universities, career & technical educators and students, providing essential tools and data to guide career planning and academic success.”

By utilizing the platform's tailored widgets, educational institutions can showcase priority programs and leverage labor market data to enhance their web presence. This not only attracts prospective students but also helps them allocate resources effectively based on student interests and market demands.

“One of the standout features of Career Concourse is its ability to create tailored widgets,” says John Chmura, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Product. “Institutions can now seamlessly embed real-time data on their websites including annual job demand, average wages, and the volume of job postings.”

Career Concourse provides students with the necessary tools and data to navigate their career paths successfully, fosters academic success, and enables them to achieve their goals. For more information about Career Concourse please visit


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