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Get best-in-class Ph.D. and Blue Chip economist consulting services with Chmura, or use the JobsEQ software platform to get labor market data and insights yourself.

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JobsEQ software platform

Get reliable data and analysis on demographics, industries, jobs, trades, wages, and more. Mix and match add-ons to create a custom platform.


Consulting services

Work with Chmura's Ph.D. and Blue Chip economist consultants on industry and labor market analyses, strategic planning, economic impact studies, and more.


Data & APIs

Integrate Chmura’s job posting data into your internal research tools, data modeling, or directly onto your website.


The Chmura advantage

Reliable, timely software

JobsEQ by Chmura aggregates data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US Census Bureau, O*NET, National Center for Education Statistics, and more — so it’s more robust than anything you’ll pull from individual sources. Plus, it’s updated nightly, so you’re always working with current, accurate data.

Trusted partners in research

Chmura’s Ph.D. and Blue Chip economists are nationally recognized and have been trusted for 25 years to help with economic consulting, economic & fiscal impact studies, industry analyses, forecasting, strategic planning, competitive benchmarking, and more.

Targeted and specific insights

JobsEQ is built on granular data so that you can make informed decisions. It pulls job postings from over 45,000 sources and provides data down to the zip code and block level, so you know exactly what impact your development efforts will have.

Tangible, actionable data

JobsEQ provides insights, forecasting, and estimates you can confidently work with. The data specificity, accuracy, and refresh rate allows your organization to spend less time double-checking your data and more time implementing your plans.

Solutions for every industry

The key to unlocking your economic impact potential

Between the JobsEQ labor market research software platform and Chmura’s team of Ph.D. and Blue Chip economic consultants, you’ll be able to forecast trends, make informed and data-driven decisions, and prove out value to your stakeholders at every point of your projects.

Loved by customers

Once we learned about the potential expansion by Airbus, we immediately partnered with the team at Chmura. Chmura’s consulting coupled with their labor market intelligence tool—JobsEQ—made all the difference in Mobile’s success in winning this opportunity. The expansion is a game changer in making Mobile an epicenter for aerospace manufacturing.

JobsEQ made an hour-long job into a 7 minute job; we specifically use it for employment, unemployment, and wages by occupation data for our metro.

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