Vulnerable Communities in Coastal Florida

Posted on September 8, 2017 by Patrick Clapp

More than 15.5 million people live in coastal counties in Florida at risk of at least storm surge from Hurricane Irma. Some populations may be more at risk than others. Inspired by the Social Vulnerabilities maps by Direct Relief, the maps below from JobsEQ® show concentration by county of communities that may be especially vulnerable when Hurricane Irma lands.

Individuals with a disability may have difficulty moving or special medical needs that impair evacuation. The largest concentration is in the north west counties of Florida, especially Dixie (22.4%), Franklin (19.9%), and Taylor (19.7%). In total, there are nearly 868 thousand people age 18-64 with a disability living in Florida’s coastal counties.



The map of poverty levels looks fairly similar, led by Levy (22.0%), Dixie (21.1%), and Miami-Dade (20.4%). Communities with higher poverty rates may face difficulties with access to transportation and basic necessities, as well as more difficulty rebuilding in the aftermath.


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